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Corporate financial documents
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Translation of corporate financial and registration documents and certificates (such as corporate financial statements, balance sheets, profit and loss statements, divorce, etc.) and other similar official documents from 7,000 yen including our translation certificate from a 48-hour turn-around time. Our no-outsourcing policy guarantees strict confidentiality of your documents. 

Arai Translation Services is favorably recognized as a prominent, time-proven translation firm for all types of official documents in English, Russian, Ukrainian, and Japanese by many embassies and government offices in Japan and overseas.

For the past 20 years our translation documents (with our company letter head, signatures, and stamps) have been accepted by:

  • The embassy of the United States of America
  • The embassy of Australia
  • The embassy of Canada
  • The embassy of Philippines
  • The embassy of Russia
  • The embassy of Ukraine
  • Municipal government offices in Japan (Shiyakusho, Kuyakusho, etc.) and overseas
  • And many more
For more details in English, call 048 954 8033 or 090 6657 2942 (SoftBank mobile) or fax 048 954 8964 or email
For information in Russian, call 080 3490 5498.
Koseki Tohon Example

Sample of our Koseki Tohon translation (Printed on company paper with all company details with translator's signature and seal)

Available Payment Methods
Bank transfer (Furikomi) , Credit Cards
Post Office transfer (Yucho)
Cash on Delivery (Daibiki) by Takyubin (Yamato Transport)

For more information in English:
Mobile phone(SoftBank) 090-6657-2942
Phone 048 954 8033
FAX 048-954-8964
For information in Russian, call 080 3490 5498